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This year we have seen collaborations among some of the best auto making companies of the world and the reason is no doubt an effort to increase or improve the productions. Such kind of collaboration has been seen this week when Volkswagen has announced that they are buying 20% of stake from Suzuki for $2.5 billion.

 sPhoto by Ricardipus

This was actually a deal to continue the VW’s ambitious growth plans and bolstering the global product offering. This deal was thus beneficial for the betterment of both these companies and it will raise the importance of both companies in the international market.

Mitsubishi Colt

Mitsubishi is striving at its peak to bring more and more innovative cars in the market the Colt model is also a result of this effort of Mitsubishi. Now they have a plan that they will bring a global small car in US around 2012.

 sPhoto by superciliousness

Although the colt is a small car and is getting quite a good profit in the market but the company’s plans are far from it. The new car would be smaller than colt and the design would also be a different one.

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