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GM expanding the safety of BrakesIt has been seen that after the Toyota’s problem of accelerator and brakes have made the other auto-makers concentrate on the safety of their vehicles. General Motors has recently announced that they are expanding the brakes over-ride safety features in their cars through the end of 2012. This Monday the company announced that they’ll add new software in their cars which is also called “enhanced smart-pedal technology” which will be brought for all those models that are coming with automatic transmission and the electric throttle.

General Motors Co. had reached their deal today and sold its Swedish subsidiary Saab to Koenigsegg Group AB. The switch is supposed to save GM from entering into a further vicious cycle of not being able to manage their Saab stock.

SaabWith the new deals the Swedish super car maker is now about to get full 100% share of their entire stock. GM Europe has revealed this in a statement. The contract comes as an important deal with President Carl-Peter Forester of GM Europe saying that GM will definitely go on working to finalize details for successful incorporation of this deal to close.

The agreement also comes with the weeks of uncertainty that GM had been facing regarding dealings with their Saab. There have been some preliminary suggestions of the deal to work since last June. It however finds itself following the finalizing steps from now on. GM wants to take care of details so that the closure happens carefully.

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