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Siemens Chopper

There is no other word that can set an American man’s blood racing as the word “chopper can”. It is the complete embodiment of masculinity and the freedom of spirit that the country seems to be constantly looking out for. Since most Americans seem to identify a great deal with the symbol that the chopper embodies, something like the ‘American Chopper’ was undoubtedly an instant success in the country.

‘American Chopper’ was this show that was based on masculine ties as the name suggests; the story was about the father and son duo who worked on bikes and choppers out of their shop in New York. The show was on the lines of being a reality show which would entail the happenings of their day to day lives catering to people with needs related to their bikes and choppers.

Have you ever been to any auto exhibition? Auto shows are really becoming popular as more and more people are now interested in buying cars for their personal and official use. Today, people are more interested in knowing more about the cars because they want to make sure that they are purchasing the right car that would fit their budget and also provide them with variety of options. If you are looking for the best car shows in the world then you need to head to Los Angeles where you can enjoy the LA Auto Show.

Electric Cars

The automakers had long looked for alternative to the conventional fuel automobile and finally the whole world saw the solution in the form of electric cars. Now days the electric car has become a fever that is ruling the mind of every automaker. Basically the electric cars use electric motors and motor controllers for the purpose of propulsion and the electric cars have been also named as the green cars that are completely environment friendly which produce zero emulsion. The demand of electric cars is also becoming higher because of the consistently increasing price of fuel in the international markets. Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of electric cars so that you may learn more about the electric car.

Photo by: Ho0n

Photo by: Ho0n


  • The first and foremost advantages of having an electric car is that it is not required to carry it to any station for recharge because the electricity is available everywhere and you can easily perform the recharge of your car at home.

Over $100,000 of electric sports cars have been displayed through the Tesla Motor Inc. The team has bigger plans to bring mainstream US auto sales in the next six years. About $146 million is going to be used from here through low interest rates to support the two-step up from exotic sports cars. They will also promote lower priced family vehicles intended to be for everyone’s reach.

Credir: blogs.edmunds

Credir: blogs.edmunds

The 2011 goals for this California based company is now busy producing Model S electric family sedans which would be economically priced at about $49,000 or even less. More of the mass electric vehicles would be available for around $30,000.

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