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2011 Chevrolet Volt

One of the highly anticipated greener models of 2011 ‘Chevrolet Volt’ has finally got its pricing details; the starting sticker price of this car is going to be $41,000 which indicates that this model is going to be one of the most expensive models of the next year.

Photo By tenagapria

General Motors has announced the pricing details of this model on Tuesday and the federal tax credit has been announced up to $7,500 and the destination charges have also claimed to be included in the price.

The company has today started taking the order for this model, for those who can’t afford this hefty price; GM has also provided some leasing programs with the payment as low as $350 for 36 months, customer must have to pay $2,500 at the time of signing.

Like some other automobile developers Chevrolet has also announced to be offering the Wi-Fi facility for their cars and it has been announced by Chevrolet that Wi-Fi would be provided by Autonet mobile and it will give full internet access inside the vehicle throughout the journey as it will have up to 150 feet radius around the vehicle with a Laptop or mobile Wi-Fi device. According to Chris Rauser, Chevrolet Accessories Manager “Chevrolet Wi-Fi by Autonet Mobile enhances commuting, family vacations and work,” and he further says that “It benefits active families on the go, as well as professionals who need immediate information at remote job sites. Its uses are almost endless”.

Photo by kfanciu

Photo by kfanciu

So from this announcement by Chevrolet the Wi-Fi trends will increase on the go from the other auto developing companies because it is a very new and excited feature which anyone would love to have in his/her car.

The brand new Chevrolet Cruze has defied all expectations in its new avatar. It is powerful with a spacious interior to reckon with. It is outstanding in its craftsmanship and will blow the socks out of you with its features combined with the affordable pricing.The new setting is creating amazing fresh levels in case of the Chevrolet design and style power.It has a crisp body that comes with a great looking coupe and easy to handle even. Its muscular profile is impressive enough and its new dimension brings traditional saloons to defy themselves.

The aerodynamics also brings about some impressive looking curves on its body. Its efficacy will quietly prove to you with its greatness. The journey on the surface would be amazing to say the least. Its dual port grille and presence makes for a great ride. You will be in love with this new Chevrolet with its cleanly swept up headlamps and front dual port grill

Credit: fireblades

Credit: fireblades

The new Chevrolet also brings spells of new levels of safety that would assure you greatly. There are no chances taken while engineering this make and it certainly does not make for any gaps in its security levels. Everything from front air bags to head and side airbags as well as ISOFIX child seat mounts are always under control. The rear seats and electronic stability control or ESC also comes in as a standard for the new Chevrolet model.

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