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These days, you need to be conscious of the planet. If you are a driver, you should do everything you can to make sure that you protect the environment. As you know, burning fuel is one of the worst things you can do for the world. Our natural resources are running out fast, and so you need to be careful. If you want to make a positive change, look no further. Here are some super simple tips that could help you.


Image Credit: NRMA Motoring

Driving is an essential part of modern day life and it’s a skill that a large majority of people have and rely on in both their personal and working lives. It forms the foundation for much of what we do and although a majority of people do drive, there are significant amount of people who have stopped driving for a number of reasons.


Whether you’ve stopped driving because your partner has a car, or you’ve lost confidence in your ability behind the wheel, it’s important to get back to driving and one way to help you feel comfortable in car again is to take refresher driving lessons. These are lessons that help you work on areas of your driving that you struggle with and for many people who want to get back behind the wheel, booking refresher driving lessons online is the perfect way to get your confidence back.

Be Honest About the Space You’ll Need

A lot of us are guilty of driving cars that are probably bigger than they need to be. So, when you start to think about downsizing your car, you need to be totally honest with yourself about how much space you need. Not want, need! There’s no point driving an SUV if you’re the only person who ever goes in it. You’re wasting space and money if you do that. Don’t forget, bigger cars usually consume more fuel, so your bank balance will feel the hit hardest.

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

This works two ways though; you don’t want to get a car that’s too small either. A lot of people make the mistake of investing in a car that’s a two-seater. This is usually men who have dreamed of owning a sports car so decide to buy one when they hit middle age! Downsizing doesn’t usually mean buying a sports car; it’s about making the size and running costs of your car right for you.

A lot of us are tight for cash, so how fuel efficient our cars are is important to us. Similarly, we have to manoeuvre tight city roads. So, these two factors can play a big part in the car buying process. Here are the cars I’d recommend if these are your main concerns.

2009_Toyota_Prius_01 (1)


Smart Fortwo

Size is a big factor in finding a car that can manoeuvre the city jungle. And there are few smaller cars than the Smart Fortwo. Smart only make small cars. It’s what they’re known for and it’s what they’re good at it, so if you need to get around in tight spaces, the Fortwo is the ideal car for you.

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