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Very few car owners get excited by the prospect of tyres. In fact, most car owners don’t even acknowledge their tyres unless there is a problem. When there is a problem that is when the panic starts to set in. Where can I find them, or more importantly, where can I find cheap tyres? Yes, if you are not already aware, tyres do not come cheap. A new set could cost you in the region of two hundred and forty pounds, so finding a good deal is vital. As a result, that begs the question, how can you find the best possible deal on tyres?

Image By: Wikimedia Commons

Image By: Wikimedia Commons


A lot of us are tight for cash, so how fuel efficient our cars are is important to us. Similarly, we have to manoeuvre tight city roads. So, these two factors can play a big part in the car buying process. Here are the cars I’d recommend if these are your main concerns.

2009_Toyota_Prius_01 (1)


Smart Fortwo

Size is a big factor in finding a car that can manoeuvre the city jungle. And there are few smaller cars than the Smart Fortwo. Smart only make small cars. It’s what they’re known for and it’s what they’re good at it, so if you need to get around in tight spaces, the Fortwo is the ideal car for you.

Ask any new car buyer what their priorities are and chances are fuel economy will be near the top of the list. The cost of running a car has soared over the last ten years. A combination of economic recession and rising oil prices have forced gas prices sky high. The good news is that car manufacturers have recognized this and built cars with better fuel economy in mind.


Image Credit – Toyota UK


If you’re in the market for a new car, it’s not always easy to determine its mileage credentials. So, we’ve put together this handy list to help you discover whether the vehicle is fuel friendly. There are a few small figures to look out for; we’ll help you identify them. More importantly, there are some considerations to take into account based on your lifestyle. We’ll help you figure them out too.

Anyone who first sees a dream car will want to jump in and test drive it right away. It is necessary to inspect the car in its entirety first. Evaluate the condition of its interior and exterior from the ceiling to the tires. It is easy to miss a spot and end up paying for repairs after you buy a car. Before you do anything with the car, inspect it using a detailed checklist. Ask the dealer or seller as many questions as possible. Read about a few, simple ways to check a used car selection thoroughly.

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