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Anyone who first sees a dream car will want to jump in and test drive it right away. It is necessary to inspect the car in its entirety first. Evaluate the condition of its interior and exterior from the ceiling to the tires. It is easy to miss a spot and end up paying for repairs after you buy a car. Before you do anything with the car, inspect it using a detailed checklist. Ask the dealer or seller as many questions as possible. Read about a few, simple ways to check a used car selection thoroughly.

buying a new car

Lamborghini has often been deemed as the world’s best car. The Italian auto giant has peddled some of the fastest and most expensive cars. When it comes to finding the right supercar for you, many often look at the Lamborghini as their inspiration. The luxurious brand has often teased and enthralled car lovers. Its concept cars are no different. They have often talked about the perfection of their automobiles. There isn’t a car fan in the world who would argue with that/

Lamborghini, while producing some fabulous product cars, have also made one-off concepts. These concepts have been greatly received. In fact, it’s a shame that they never made it to production mode.

Lamborghini Concept Cars


1The Mazda6 Skyactiv-D, a diesel powered race car that Mazda has recently come out with, experienced a glorious win at a the Rolex Grand-Am GX race at Road Atlanta. This win was very encouraging to Mazda for two reasons. First of all, it is the first time the Mazda has won a racing victory. Secondly, it is the first time that a diesel powered car has won at a Grand Am event. The drivers were Joel Miller and Tristan Nunez.  Our local Mazda experts at Sport Durst of NC recently gave us the details:

Dodge, currently a division Chrysler, was originally known as the Dodge Brothers Company. It was founded by John Francis and Horace Elgin Dodge in 1900. Located in Auburn Hills Michigan, this company initially supplied parts to prominent auto manufacturers in Detroit such as Olds and Ford. The Dodge brothers began producing their own vehicles in 1915. The first model was known as the Dodge Model 30. This 4 cylinder car featured some improvements over the Model T Ford which, as most people know, was an extremely popular vehicle at the time. Some of these improvements included: higher horsepower (35 to be exact), a 12 volt electrical system, all steel chassis, and a sliding gear transmission. The Model T, by comparison, put out only 20 horsepower, had a 6 volt electrical system, used wooden frame construction on its chassis, and had a less sophisticated planetary transmission.

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