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Chrysler one of the best car selling brands has once decided to build a series of fuel-less electric cars, for that it separated a group of finely trained engineers (named as Envi) and assigned them the duty to build these cars as near to 2010. But now the latest news has unveiled the fact that the Envi group has been broken in fact it would be better to say that the group was mixed up among the normal cars developers.

Photo: by bujizuka

Photo: by bujizuka

The disjunction of the Envi group doesn’t means that the production of electric cars will be stopped but now those cars will be building in the normal production houses and will be developed jointly by Fiat and Chrysler. The reason for this shift of production team may be too many expenses of the Envi team and now Chrysler want some partner to share the expenses.

The road less traveled among hybrid cars is now being explored by Fisker Automotive. It is really a great green machine that has its own supplies of fuel-sippers which can pulsate with mega enthusiasm. It has been made and designed by CEO, Henrik Fisker, with some of the greatest start-up automakers.

 sPhoto by

The overall get up is really eye catching and their reviews have some of the highest allure with Aston Martin and BMW. In a traditional way the green awareness spreading designs have been marking one of the most prominent turning points for BMW.

The Auto Week has been approached with clear focus and given a very vibrant facility to the whole show. Other head turning cars are BMW as well as the Mercedes Benz with the traditional green cars like the Toyota Prius working with the Honda Insight to bring about the soon-to-come Chevrolet Volt. This is quite like the imposing as well as evoking luxuries of last days.

GM has decided to opt for Opel for cross course and cruising. They have not been able to decide against the decision. The foothold for Europe has been vital for GM. The company has been able to afford according to the decision with six months of the test sale period. The sell company will go to Magna International Inc. and would have GM rethinking about the matter.

Credit: stoth

Credit: stoth

The German company has been eager to control some of the stakes for Magna with the GM approval coming with Magna’s bid. They have been provided with billions of euros to get GM to pass their approval. GM had declined the recent ways to pick up the bidder for Opel but no doubt they had been thrown into with some choices to make. Finally keeping the Opel made the greatest sense with some of their RHJ International approvals following Magna came as choices. But GM had not been very political with this as this could have resulted into something totally different for them.

BMW’s vision EfficientDynamic concept is about to be introduced into the forthcoming Frankfurth Motor Show. This will be quite radical for its promising future with the performance-oriented model about to be spectacularly displayed in style.This concept will come forth with the combination of a rivaling M3 acceleration model and the Mini Cooper acceleration.

Credit: cnet

Credit: cnet

Beating the fuel economy concerns this concept heads to the market with glory. The economy will likely accept this with pleasure. The one-off coupe will be lightweight and have a plug-in hybrid construction that will be effective in driving technology. The feature would be bringing a variety of futuristic stylization and ideas.

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