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Chrysler has been reported to be in very hurry for upgrading the previous Lineup and the company’s wants to let this all finish before the arrival of new Fiat based vehicles in 2012. Basically the company is rushing to bring some exciting new features and equipment into almost 15 vehicles. The equipment which the company is going to add mainly includes Fiat dual clutch, six-speed transmission and a new Chrysler V6 engine that will boost up the fuel efficiency along with improved driving and stylishly changed interiors.


As we all have seen in the earlier months that Saab was going under some deals of GM with other companies and then later this news arouse that this brand is going to die but finally the whole world has been given this pleasant news that Spyker has finally completed its deal of $74 million with GM and they have got the brand in their hands. According to the agreement Saab will now come as an independent car company and all the assets of Saab will now be transferred to its new owner Spyker.

Photo by Fliker_2000

Photo by Fliker_2000

According to Victor R. Muller, Spyker CEO “We are very much looking forward to being part of the next chapter in Saab’s illustrious history” while discussing more about Saab he said “Saab is an iconic brand that we are honored to shepherd. We are delighted to have secured the jobs and livelihoods of thousands of loyal Saab employees, suppliers and dealers and to have given reassurance to the 1.5 million Saab drivers and enthusiasts around the world.”

The recent most American Chopper is out there for you in all its electrical and customized system keeping the ecological balance and harmony in mind. There have been several reports on how this has been going on with the fresh new technology with Adam Balkin coming to report with some of the most amazing TLC shows with Paul Teutul Sr. Paul Teutul has been seen to be posing at the helm of the bicycle with the latest custom built Orange County Chopper that is being promoted with electric chopper which is no ordinary motorbike at all.

Photo by gimmeahug

Photo by gimmeahug

There are not going to be any fumes that have come out with exhaustion as well as bring fume to the real greening of the atmosphere. The Siemens Smart Chopper bike has the power and ability to move at a single charge of 60 miles that this can pull the charge off any standard outlet with for hours on end. Companies like Siemens have been commissioning the bike with the LED lightning prototype. It has been hoped that there have been some interesting technologies working together to bring some proper environmental balance in the way that brings motorcycles with some rather powerful aspects of work as well as right technology.

The 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show lays down some fantastic notes for the future of driving. The future for the environment is going to be one with all forms of digital equipments that have got new forms of technology working through them. There are customization and convenience automation that have brought in some of the most amazing autonomy for new vehicles with driving providence as well as safety, efficacy along with convenience.

Photo by peterw_in_la

Photo by peterw_in_la

There are new leads and sterile driving experiences that come with some of the greatest philosophies about driving showcases. The LA 2009 automobile show is all about bringing in some of the greatest engagements about different advancements of new forms of vehicles. It is all about reliving the first experiences behind the wheels with some incredible capturing of different forms of experiences.

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