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Ford Motor Company has been increasing their sales and while many of their rivals received a blow in the business they have remained on the top with their sudden increase. The federal cash for clunker incentive has lifted the company immensely while it was experiencing a 27 year old low.

 sCredit: fords

Subaru and Hyundai hoped that they will get a huge beneficial margin of gain but it was Ford that ultimately gained through it all. Total auto industry marketing sales declined by 12.2%with the slightest hint of drop since May 2008. The declines have been felt in General Motors, Toyota Motor Sales, Chrysler Group, American Honda, etc. The lowest year so far has been 2009 itself for all of these companies in recent times.

Guzzlers Program

Cash for guzzlers will have their funds run out before November, according to the dealer group. There are many cash for guzzlers program that will run out of order due to lack of funds before the expiry date of November 1st. The Automobile Dealers Association is about to turn to the government to only get 10% of funds.

Up until Wednesday last the dealers had got 22,782 deals that were worth $95.9 million in terms of long term reimbursements. The National Traffic Safety Administration has declared this through a statement they made on Thursday.

Toyota tops American made cars this year according to the American-Made index released by Even in the troubled economy Toyota sales have sky rocketed and people have embraced its presence in their lives. Toyota cars go a long way in providing you domestic utility solutions as well as practical support. They are tough and trendy and come of great help to anybody. The Toyota has really been on the top rank of movers and shakers of the main cars of the year. This brand has topped all sales records with certain models and extended a huge US based market.

Toyota Camry

The Ford F150 lost its top rank as compared to 2006. The new number one is Toyota Camry. The parts of this model got assembled in Georgetown, KY as well as Lafayette, In. the Camry’s domestic part contents helped it reach this top position though it really edged out F150 by a long shot. There have been dramatic high as well as low sales with the Ford F-150 while Toyota made rather spectacular and steady sales of the Camry, Sienna, Tundra and Venza. Venza was in fact released this year only.

Smart ForTwo is a compact two seater that is capable of attracting everyone’s attention with its size and looks. So if you are shy, forget owning this car as it is sure conversation piece and you can escape from people talking to you about this beauty. Though Smart has sold more than 30,000 of this car in the United States, still people are surprised seeing its tiny look and often pose a couple of questions to the owners wherever they see the ForTwo. Here is a quick review of the Smart ForTwo analyzing its pros and cons.

Smart ForTwo Cabriolet

Seeing the size of the car, the first concern for anyone is the safety issues while driving the car. This is indeed a fair question as there is a widespread message, the bigger is the better which is being stated from long past. But while driving this little master, you don’t think of its safety as it provides a great driving comfort.

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