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Buying a used car can be a minefield if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Research is the most important thing you can do here. Read as much as you can find and speak to people in the know. If you’ve got a friend who is obsessed with cars, speak to them for advice. There are so many things to consider. What car is best for you? Where do you buy it from? How much should you pay?

Once you’ve found the answers to these questions, you’re ready to hit the dealership. You’ve decided that the used Nissans are the right choice for you or your family. You know how much you’re willing to pay. You know what is a good price and you’re ready to haggle if you need to. All you need now is a complete checklist of what to look for on the car itself. Buying a used car is a tricky business because you never know the full history of the car. These checks should help you with the detective work.

Nissan GT-R


Check under the hood

Your used Nissan is no good if the engine is in poor shape. So, get the hood open and have a good look around. Your first sign of trouble is a burning smell. Get close to the oil tank and smell inside. A burning wood or cork smell is a sure fire sign to run away. You should also check the coolant, you’re looking for a healthy blue/green colour here. Get a good look at the air filters, they should be fairly clear. A big dirt build-up suggests a poorly looked after engine. You can tell a lot about how well the car has been looked after by looking under the bonnet.

Check around the car

Get a thorough look at the paintwork all over the vehicle. You’re looking for signs of rust here. The wheel arches, the roof and underneath the vehicle are the biggest culprits. If there are no signs of actual rust, look for bumps in the paintwork. This means rust is hiding underneath. Check the tyres for tread depth and pressure. Correct values here will indicate a well looked after car. Get underneath the car and wheel arches to check the brakes and look for signs of leaks.

Ask questions

There are a few vital questions you should ask you dealer or private seller. You need to get a good indication of the history of the vehicle. Ask to see the service history, receipts for recent work and an MOT certificate. Ask if the car has been in a crash and if any work has been done as a result. A crash can severely affect the usage of the car. Finally, ask if there are any driving quirks or things to be aware of on the vehicle. Sellers are legally obliged to answer truthfully here.

Test drive

Finally, get in the car and drive it around. You may feel under pressure to get this over with quickly, but take your time. Take it out onto the types of roads you’ll be using it. If you’re a city driver, head into town. If you’re a motorway driver, hit the open road. Don’t be afraid to push the acceleration and hit the brakes hard. You need to know how the car reacts. Listen out for bangs and clunks in the engine and any other odd sounds.

You should feel confident in your new Nissan. If anything feels suspicious, don’t risk it. There are plenty of cars out there and you’ll find the right one. If you’re happy, then you’re free to drive your new Nissan home!

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